Infant Milk Formula > NINO 3 GROWING UP FORMULA MILK POWDER (12 to 36 months)


Although toddlers start eating different variety of food in their first three years,  It is important that they still get the good nutrition they need for their rapid developments.  NINO 3 helps ensuring that toddlers get the balance nutrition for their healthy growths and developments.

NINO 3 formulation contains long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid such as DHA, ARA which are essential for brain and eyes developments of toddlers.

NINO 3 is uniquely blended with L-carnitine (for good metabolism of fatty acids) and Nucleotides (support immune system development) , as well as Prebiotics  (promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal flora to maintain a healthy digestive system) .

NINO 3 formulation is with vitamin D and Calcium (for healthy and strong bone growth), zinc, iron (minerals for brain development), vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E (as antioxidants).

NINO 3 formula contains soya lecithin. Lecithin is an essential fat for cells in human body, supports brain and memory function because of its main nutrient called phosphatidylcholine which consists of choline. Soya lecithin together with protein and vitamin is three big nutrients. Soya lecithin may look like tiny yellowish particles in NINO 3 formula milk powder. You can give NINO 3 with confidence to your toddlers.

NINO 3 is available in 900g can.

NINO 3 growing up formula milk powder, 900g metal can,   product barcode number is 8718226411099.